About Us

Who We Are

We are a plant-based restaurant and our menu is designed to offer 100% vegan options - all of which are free of any animal products. As a main business proposition, we offer our customers products inspired by the creativity and experience accumulated throughout our lives. In addition, we have the constant goal of causing the least environmental impact to our planet. Therefore, we do not sell any type of meat, be it red or white. Knowing who to serve and what to serve are our greatest commitments, with the purpose of fulfilling the socio-environmental responsibility, helping in the preservation of the planet, and creating awareness of current and future generations of customers.

Our Story

The experience of more than 10 years as a gourmet chef, coupled with the expertise of a family linked to gastronomy led Melatti to realize the desire to build a differentiated space in the unique Las Vegas. Thus, a project that adds in its concept values of life and sustainability was born. This was how Veggy Street was created in 2017, becoming a beacon in creativity, responsibility and good taste.

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